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What You Need To Know About The Cloud?

What you need to know about? 

The Cloud The cloud, the cloud, as its name suggests, is a kind of gigantic computer memory that hovers over our heads and which can be accessed from anywhere. The idea is to no longer need to be physically in one place to consult his working papers or his holiday pictures.

The cloud, everyone does without knowing it. Your email is the cloud. Emails are stored on a server and copy them to your computer or smartphone for viewing. Today, that goes further with even more services for individuals and businesses. It is quite abstract but it becomes more concrete soon that we put names on it. For example SkyDrive, iCloud, Google, Drive, Dropbox, Orange, SFR or Hubic …

What’s the point?

To protect their data and share it, for example, between several computers, a smartphone, a tablet. Can we put all his data in the cloud?

Yes, just about everything: his agenda, his address book, his professional files, his photos, his videos, etc. Of course, it depends on your internet connection: for photos and videos, it’s better to make selections otherwise the backup may take several days or Several weeks.

How much does it cost?

It’s often free up to a certain amount of data and then you have to pay. It costs a few dozen Euros a year. In short, it’s handy, the cloud. It really simplifies life today where we use all kinds of digital devices for access to our data. However, there are some unavoidable questions related to trust.

Is the data well protected? Yes, they are better in the cloud where they are backed up in multiple hosts rather than on a computer at the house that can break down.

Are there any risks of piracy?

Yes, in theory, of course, but they are minimal. There is little of luck with your holiday pictures to interest Chinese hackers. Who of the confidentiality of the data? Providers undertake by contract to respect it but they are required to comply with the laws and therefore they can possibly open their servers to justice, police or intelligence services (it was seen with the Prism case in the United States).

In short, the cloud is a risk for many benefits. It will be more and more difficult to do without it. The cloud will be discussed today at 1:15 pm in “Your France Info “with answers to your questions asked by Facebook or Twitter


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