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Google Wants To Deliver Quantum Computers As Cloud Services

For years, Google has been devoting time and financial resources to realizing one of the most ambitious dreams allowed by modern technology: the construction of a viable quantum computer. Thanks to the progress it has made in this area, the company is now considering the different ways to turn its project into a profitable business. Quantum computers are supposed to solve problems that traditional computers can not handle. Unlike traditional computers, which process bits of information as binary data in the form of 1 or 0, quantum computers work with qubits.

According to data published by Bloomberg, Google is about to start the commercialization of quantum computers and everything suggests that they will be offered as a service “cloud computing” (computerized cloud) extremely powerful. The Mountain View firm would have offered scientific laboratories and researchers in artificial intelligence early access to its quantum machines through the Internet in recent months. Google wanted to encourage the development of tools and applications compatible with the new technology that it would also like to turn into a faster and more powerful cloud computing service.

In his article, the Bloomberg media alludes to two Google presentations. One would detail the company’s quantum hardware, including the company’s new lab dedicated to this technology called “Embryonic quantum data center;”. The second presentation details Google’s ProjectQ which has been put in place to encourage developers to write code for their quantum computer.

Providing fast and free access to highly specialized hardware derived from leading-edge technologies to attract growing interest is part of Google’s long-term strategy to expand its cloud business. In May, the subsidiary of Alphabet presented a chip, called Cloud TPU, which it intends to lease to customers in search of cloud computing systems. In parallel, the company plans to grant a small number of university researchers free access to the features of its new chips.

Google and a growing number of other companies like IBM, Microsoft, SoftBank Group Corp. or Star-D-Wave Systems Inc. are convinced that quantum computers and their applications will revolutionize the computing world of tomorrow by exponentially expediting the processing of some important tasks. It should be remembered that it is in 2014 that Google announces its ambitions on the development of its own quantum computers. Earlier this year, the technology company said it plans to prove the “supremacy” of quantum systems over existing supercomputers by the end of 2017.

Quantum computers are bulky machines that require special care to remain functional such as the use of advanced cooling systems. They are therefore more likely to be rented and used through the Internet rather than being purchased. The founder of the quantum startup Rigetti Computing, Chad Rigetti, sees this technology as a key element for the future. However, he believes that “this industry is still in its infancy,” and that “no one has, for now, built a functioning quantum computer”


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