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Google In Lice To Surpass Microsoft And Amazon? Part 2

Know how to be noticed

The money is still in the main IT companies today. Unfortunately for Google, the company is not known for its customer service and some companies have raised the assumption that Google does not have the ability to win.

In response, Google is establishing specialized units in customer service. By hiring Tariq Shaukat, a hospitality and casino management magnate, to manage the sales and professional services of his Google Cloud platform. Shaukat worked for Caesar Entertainment as a sales manager. It will be expected of him a sharp and precise knowledge of the market in order to engage Google in the long term.

The firm has also brought to life a concept of “support plan” that is based on the response time that a company requires from its service providers. Normally, the fastest answers are often reserved for those who pay the price. This new plan offers the opportunity (even for startups) to pay for support faster, without paying unnecessary fees for professional service.

Optimizing GoogleGoogle technology has also exposed this plan to make its concept more attractive and more visible for businesses, highlighting the development of their infrastructure. Google has planned to invest $ 30 billion in the construction of structures in the Middle East, Singapore, and Oceania by next year. Recently, the company invested $ 14 million in funds for Avere Systems, a company specializing in data management enhancements. Speed and skill are crucial elements for such a transition.

Data transfer requires adapted structures. Companies also see the opportunity to implement web analytics and business intelligence units within their bodies. Google’s “machine learning” is mainly used for image and video analysis, voice recognition, translation, and research. In addition, through the Google Cloud platform, some companies can manage their own interfaces. By the way, Google is also investing in cloud data security.

Many companies want to improve the security of access to their sensitive data to counter increasingly frequent “cyber attacks”. they are working on a technology that allows users to connect without having to go through a VPN, the Identity-Aware Proxy. Simultaneously, a data loss prevention software (DLP) is developed. This latest technology classifies and identifies your sensitive data according to specific parameters. Watch With this excitement around the business, some wonder if there will always be availability for other sectors and more specialized market.

Microsoft is known for having a loyal and loyal customer and business base, the independent and smaller business have a preference towards Google. The segment of startups and now under the guardianship of Amazon and Google. If it chooses to change its standing and catch up with Amazon and Microsoft, some of its customers may be left behind in favor of larger companies. Redoubling efforts Google must now develop its address book and customer base and businesses.

Among the new arrivals are Colgate-Palmolive, Disney, HSBC and Home Depot, which could encourage so-called “classic” companies to join the adventure. Prosperity and new technologies are the foundation of Google and give it a place in the industry. In addition, the company has redoubled its efforts in the field of virtual reality and in “The Internet of Things”. Some companies may soon need Google technology to launch their business and their investments in the cloud, GCP would be a smart choice. Google has no doubt gone to the level of Microsoft and Amazon while keeping an eye on their base of start-ups and small businesses.


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