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Google In Lice To Surpass Microsoft And Amazon? Part 1

Market research firm Gartner predicts that by 2020 “cloud computing” will account for nearly $ 383 billion in revenue. This year, an increase of 18% is expected, the players in the cloud market are asserting themselves more and more and hope to recover their share of the pie.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the leader in the field, followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. According to a study conducted by the Synergy Research Group, AWS has managed to maintain a 40% market share despite the lack of concrete figures on their growth over the year. Between them, Microsoft, Google, IBM and the other main players in the cloud market represent a market share of 23% revealing a dynamic of 5% growth per year.

Google’s ambition to surpass Microsoft and Amazon will require a herculean effort on the part of the company. In addition, Google will also fight against the rest of the pack in which are housed old structures of information technologies (IT) but also new agile and dynamic startups. The industry’s mainstays, IBM and Oracle are also ready to release their best cards by shielding the performance of their cloud and follow Google closely.

The providers of premium solutions have also entered the race. For example, companies like CloudShare that combine infrastructure and online platform, allowing automated services and easy to use, also have their chances.

“There is no doubt that cloud services have now become mainstream, visible and easily accessible through companies like CloudShare,” said Zvi Guterman, co-founder of the organization.

2017 will be a year full of surprises for the computer industry and online storage services (cloud), and it is interesting to see how much is seduced by the web and digital.

The battle for taking control

Not being famous for its technological innovations, Google does not make a strong impression and has trouble following Microsoft and Amazon. Diane Green, in charge of the Google Cloud Platform, said in a recent event that the cloud has become the grail in the computer and technology sector.

The advantage of AWS is that the platform was the first on the market (2006). Their responsiveness and speed of adaptation through community development has generated a wide variety of cloud offerings and solutions. AWS has proven that IT resources can also be accessed on demand.

Microsoft joined the bandwagon, launching Azure in 2010. With their presence in the IT market and their reputation, they were able to climb faster and easier. For most of their customers, it was enough to just convert to an online server, nothing to worry about.

Cadet trio, Google has made available its cloud service in late 2011. However, it is only in 2015 that Google has consolidated and formalized its presence in the cloud market commissioning Green in charge of the network.

As for Amazon and Microsoft, they are now basing their profits on their different cloud divisions. AWS is the most successful division of the company with a turnover of $ 12.2 billion, and a profit of $ 3 billion, offering a much wider margin than its online commerce service. For its part, Azure showed a similar dynamic on Microsoft’s earnings, accounting for 93% of their net revenues per year.

Google is about to release figures from its cloud platform (GCP), also, a report published by Deutsche Bank in 2016 (last quarter) evaluated its turnover to 750 million dollars. In fact, the company bases most of its earnings on research and advertising


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