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Cloud Computing Has More And More Followers!

After the year 2015 that has shown a growing interest of users in cloud computing, 2016 should confirm the trend and see both professionals and individuals adopt it en masse.

Whether it’s online services, storage, SaaS software or even a fully cloud-hosted server infrastructure, Cloud offers many advantages over traditional offerings. Here is a little preview.

More and more conquered enterprises

In the professional world, first of all, cloud computing is becoming more popular and more and more companies are using it even if they use the on-demand software. Indeed, SaaS allows companies to pay only for their real needs. This allows many SMEs to access tools that they did not have the means to afford before, for lack of significant costs. It is the same for server solutions, more and more small where large companies migrate to cloud infrastructure at least part of their computing. In 2016, we should see more and more companies follow the example of Spotify and adopt a 100% Cloud solution as explained in this article.

Safer, more efficient, more flexible and less expensive, this could easily define the different cloud infrastructures offered by many service providers such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon. To help companies make the right choice, Cloud Spectator has conducted a study of the best cloud solutions by comparing similar offers from leading providers. As shown by the results taken here, it is the servers of 1 & 1 and their high performance that top the ranking for the price/quality ratio. Stability of performance and clear costs without hidden costs were particularly emphasized.

Cloud for personal use

But cloud computing is not just a business affair, and many of us use it on a daily basis without even noticing it. A perfect example is the almost universal use of many webmails like Gmail or Yahoo that synchronize automatically on your different devices. Another cloud service that has become commonplace for many users and wants to replace your old USB key, Google Drive is one of the most popular online storage solutions that allow you to access your files from any computer equipped with an Internet connection. Coupled with the Google Docs service that allows you to use a complete office suite, this tool quickly becomes essential so that we quickly run out of storage space (there is also a simple solution to get some extra GB ).

But the personal use of the Cloud is not limited to online storage and music streaming services, we are seeing more and more individual cloud solutions, such as this, that allow you to create your own accessible connected network. from anywhere with your data stored at home.


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