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Cloud Computing And Security


With a growing adoption of cloud computing technologies, security issues have become a real concern for businesses. Taking into account the unique nature of these problems, from the beginning of the implementation plan, is the guarantor of a permanent investment. This course provides you with deep and practical experience in identifying and resolving public and private cloud (cloud) security issues.

To protect sensitive data and maintain compliance, you need to address specific cybersecurity challenges inherent in moving to a cloud environment. This cloud training gives you the hands-on experience to identify and resolve these security issues specific to the public and private cloud.

This course is for anyone involved in the areas of cloud computing security. System administrators, web developers, software developers, network administrators, and those who evaluate cloud implementation for their business will benefit from this training.

This training uses several Amazon Web services and also briefly introduces Google App Engine. However, as this training focuses on securing cloud data, the knowledge here is applicable to all products.

Cloud computing security

As for any period of major technological transition, the evolution of cloud computing has aroused the keenest interest and questions in the media world. It has also raised strategic questions about how people, businesses, and government institutions manage information and interactions in this type of environment. However, in terms of security and privacy, cloud computing is not a revolution: it is only a reflection of the IT developments that users have been enjoying for a long time on the Web.

This white paper looks broadly at the changes that this evolution will bring to IT security and discusses the benefits and challenges that come with it.

Security and Cloud Computing

This document reviews the main issues related to cloud computing security and its benefits. It also raises some of the questions that cloud service providers and their customers must ask themselves when they want to adopt new services or develop the ones they already use. This document is aimed at an audience familiar with the key concepts of cloud computing and the basics of cloud security. Its purpose is not to answer all questions related to cloud security nor to offer a comprehensive security solution.

Privacy protection in the era of “cloud computing”: Microsoft’s point of view

Cloud computing raises many important strategic questions about how people, businesses, and government institutions manage information and interactions in this environment. However, at the level of privacy in general and from the point of view of the average user, the “cloud computing” more reflects the logical evolution of the Internet rather than a real revolution.

Cloud computing and confidentiality

Whether the data or software is hosted within the enterprise or via a cloud computing service provider, the different online services (e-mail, document sharing sites, and social networks) work the same. Therefore, you should ask yourself the same privacy and data privacy questions for a cloud computing environment as you would for any online service provider.



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