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Cloud Accounts, Instructions For Use

The speed at which technological devices evolve can sometimes make you dizzy. It is, however, possible to adapt to a new product without having to relearn everything.

Computer clouds are a good example: you have heard that they can help you make better use of your devices, but in practical terms, how do they work and what are they particularly useful for?

Here is some information to help you understand the clouds!

1. Your cloud only belongs to you!

The first thing to know, and not least, is that with clouds, you are the only one to have access to your information.

Many people are worried that their information will be made available to everyone on the Internet as soon as it’s cloud-based, but in reality, no one else knows your password. Even employees of cloud companies do not have access.

So do not forget this precious sesame: you are the only person able to recover it.

2. What is the cloud?

The term “cloud” in computer refers to a storage space reserved for you. This tool can be viewed as a bank account used to store your information.

In order to access it, you need a device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) and an Internet connection. Most cloud services require an email address (which will serve as an identifier) and a password.

To understand the cloud system, take our example banking service above: to access your account you need a debit card – which is your username – and a PIN – which will be your word of past.

3. What is it for?

The main function of a cloud is to make a copy of your information so you do not lose anything in case of breakage or loss of a device.

Clouds like Apple’s “iCloud” or Google “Disk” have functions that allow you to make backups that do not even require your intervention. When a Wi-Fi network is connected to your device, its contacts, photos, notes, reminders, appointments, search history, etc. save themselves in this storage space on the Internet.

Thus, even when you no longer have this device, you can still access most of your personal data through sites like iCloud.com or disk.google.com.

4.And sync in all this?

To better understand what is meant by “synchronization between devices”, I suggest you imagine the phones, tablets, and computers as if they were wickets to the Internet and your accounts, like wickets bank.

No matter where you go, you’ll have access to the same amount of money: with the clouds, it’s the same! Synchronization allows you to access the same contacts, photos etc. on all of your screens.

In short, by synchronizing your devices, any change on one of them will be automatically on others and will be kept in memory in the cloud.

Do you change your phone? Just connect the new device to your cloud account and your information will be available again.

To make sure these features are enabled, take a look at the settings of your devices and go through the backup functions.


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