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Alert! Cloud Computing Is Down!

On this night of Wednesday, March 31, the sky is suddenly darkened on the global Cloud Computing.

Given the urgency of the situation, I chose not to put a lot of images in my text, as I usually do; I beg the readers to apologize.

Brutally, without anything to suggest, it seems that teams of Sino-Russian hackers have managed to penetrate the world’s major public clouds.

– The “Cumulus Castellanus” virus hit Amazon’s Data Centers at 10:16 pm, rendering 95% of their servers unusable. The latest news, to confirm, all EC2 instances were rendered inoperative and the data stored on S3 would all be erased!

– Immediately after, at 22:34, another virus, even more violent, “AltoStratus”, which would have invaded Microsoft Azure Computing Centers, making any access impossible. When asked, a representative from Microsoft said he was unable to know if it will be possible to recover the volatilized data.

This is a remake, much more serious, of the disaster “Danger”, T-Mobile partnership and Microsoft, of October 2009.

Web page access – While listening to Microsoft’s comments, a third attack was launched around 11:04 pm, against the number one of the Cloud, Google.

The code name for this attack is “Cirrus Focus”.

Google has confirmed that 33 of its 50 data centers, and in particular those located in Europe, have been affected.

The 140 million users of Gmail and the 2 million companies who chose to use Google Apps would have lost all access to their accounts, the attack targeting priority CName and DNS.

Google teams are working hard to try to save what may be, but say it’s too early to make a detailed diagnosis.

For now, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google recommend that you do not try to access your Cloud Computing resources; this could make any subsequent retrieval of your data even more problematic and make it more difficult for the rescue teams, who at each provider, are mobilized to find parries.

Alarming news continues to arrive, every minute. Dozens of Internet-based, cloud-based services companies can no longer meet the demands of their customers.

We suddenly discover that cloud computing is no longer a smoky concept, but an indispensable operational platform for thousands of companies around the world.

I want to establish an inventory of services that have stopped; thank you for sending me the list of those you have identified, hoping that the site of my blog is not going, also suffer the consequences of these attacks.

From tomorrow morning we hear the tart comments of the cohort of anti-Clouds who will be able to show off by saying:

“We told you, we should not trust Cloud Computing.”

March 31 is a very dark day for anyone who thought that the big players in Cloud Computing had built Data Centers out of harm’s way.

Dice tomorrow, April 1st, I hope I can, if my blog still works, give you more detailed and accurate information on the extent of the damage.


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